Availability: Application Only


Species: Tuffle

Lore: A race of ultra technologically advanced beings originating from Planet Vegeta, however they were slaughtered on Planet Vegeta by the savage Saiyans, driving them from their home planet. The Tuffles have the ability to dominate Saiyans, tapping into the Saiyan's power and using it for their own.


Strongest Form: When a strong enough Saiyan is dominated, the Tuffle can force a transformation, giving similar effects as a Super Saiyan just without the golden hair.

Strongest Form 2: This requires an insanely strong Saiyan to be dominated, allowing the Tuffle to force the strongest humanoid transformation.

Tuffle Ape: When a strong Saiyan with a tail is dominated, and there's a full moon, the Tuffle undergoes a transformation to a Great Ape like form.

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